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 Psst…A legendary artefact has been found:

Beenius Infinity Wax.

Special beeswax, crafted by the most valuable being on the planet: The Bee!

A few explorers from all ages and backgrounds already tried this transformational experience. 

What will you discover?



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(Just a few) benefits and skills

Creativity and Innovation

Beenius PlaySpaces encourage creativity and innovation, allowing kids and adults to use their imaginations and problem-solving skills to create structures and artifacts. This can help foster a love of learning and discovery, as well as inspire kids to think outside the box.


Beenius PlaySpaces require only sticks and beeswax as a start, which are relatively inexpensive and accessible materials. This means that even in areas where traditional learning tools may be scarce, kids and adults can participate and benefit from its educational value. By allowing anyone to create their own versions of the game and share their discoveries, Beenius fosters a sense of empowerment and ownership. 


The gamified system allows for the sharing of discoveries and the exchange of ideas between kids and teachers from different regions, fostering collaboration and cross-cultural understanding. This can help build a sense of community and promote cooperation and teamwork skills.

Learning by Doing

Beenius is a hands-on activity that encourages learning by doing. This can be especially valuable for kids who may struggle with traditional classroom learning or who learn better through hands-on experiences.


Beenius PlaySpaces encourage the use of recycled or repurposed materials, such as incorporating trash into the structures and integrating artefacts from nature and focuses on the bee to promote environmental awareness.

Self-Directed Learning

Beenius encourages self-directed learning, allowing kids and adults to take ownership of their learning process and pursue their own interests. It can be adapted to meet the needs for different abilities and learning styles, making it a more inclusive learning tool.


Beenius can be easily scaled to reach a large number of kids and communities, making it a potentially valuable tool for education and development on a global scale.

Joy of Discovery

Beenius provides an engaging and collaborative learning experience that promotes the development of communication, language, teaching, mentoring, and problem-solving skills while instilling a joy of learning and a love of discovery in kids and adults. 

Critical Thinking

The game requires kids to think critically and strategically about how to create structures and artifacts using limited resources. This can help to develop critical thinking and  problem-solving skills, which are valuable in many aspects of life.

Growth and Confidence

Beenius accelerates personal growth by encouraging kids and adults to explore their own interests and passions through their creations, allowing to learn from each other and develop teaching and mentoring skills. As Beenius allows for experimentation and trial-and-error learning, growth mindset and resilience are nourished.

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