Beenius APP

Hi, I am the Beenius App. 

My job is to inspire and collect all the good ideas of the swarm. 

If you need help with ideas, I can be of service. And if you feed me with your ideas, we will grow together. 

Here are the planned features for the start:


Challenges and Missions

Master challenges and missions. And share your creations with the Beenius swarm. Together we find what connects, what brings joy, what helps us grow and what feeds the planet.

Adapt and Evolve

Got inspired by a craft of someone? Bring this seed to the next level.
Ideas spiraling up.

Artefact Inventory

Collect your real-life artefacts and see how people have used them in Beenius.


Keep track of your discoveries and see yourself evolving. Save missions and challenges to build your own journey.


You want to build something in big? Bring a discovery into reality.

Your own mission

You want to do something amazing? And need the swarm to co-create with you? Like buiding a place to learn, a place for the community, an animal shelter?

Place your mission and grow together.

4 (Connected) Journey Examples on how the App can help to level up global education. 

Murugi from Kenya

She is a creative mind who picked up the concept fast and uses Beenius Sets with her class. She has already invented several ways that helped the kids to create their own learning tools. Right now she is on the “Learning Letters” Challenge. And found a playful and encouraging way, that she shares on the app.

Andrea from Germany

Andrea is a mom of two kids. She is home-schooling them at them moment and explores the possibilities of teaching letters as well. She already saved some inspirations from people all around the world. She got inspired by Murugis method. and even found a way to evolve it. Both connect and follow each other on the app.

Fatma from Egypt

Fatma is a sustainable Architect and uses Beenius as a tool to design models for her architectural visions. Right now she is making a design for an ecological school. Her designs contain many smart ideas, yet the ones funding her project are not sure if it works in reality. She needs a proof of concept. She opens a Mission on the Beenius App and asks for help.

And help is coming. From Brazil.

Rodolfo from Brazil

Rodolfo has a place that he wants to turn into an affordable and natural learning space for kids from low-income households. He sees and joins Fatmas mission in the Beenius App. He models up Fatmas ideas with his Beenius Set and brings them into reality with simple materials. Fatma is connected with him and Rodolfo can directly test Fatmas ideas together with the kids in real-life.

He wins, as he can directly start his journey with the kids and pick up on the learning challenges seeded by Murugi, Andrea and the Beenius Swarm. 

Fatma wins, because with Rodolfos help she received a convincing proof of concept to realize her vision in Egypt. 

BEENIUS is an Alchemist Hub project. The Alchemist Hub develops tools, methods, and projects that enable individuals, teams and organisations to solve challenges and take action for sustainability, well-being and better livelihoods.