Beenius Set

Hi, I am the Beenius Set.

I am an infinite creative space in a box that you can carry anywhere you like.

I am not that big. More like the size book. A book for life. That can always be discovered from different points of view.

Anything inside me can be used over and over again.

Let me take you on a small, 5-minute long tour, to show you what I carry inside and give you some quick examples how you can make use of me.

Welcome to our 5-Minute long Tour: Swipe -> 

 I can bring joy, excitement and an enriching experience to anyone. 

Yet, my biggest wish is to be of service for the million of kids around the world who lack adequate learning material. 

 My full potential will be unleashed, when I am connected to the Beenius App. Click on the button, to see how the combination with the Beenius App can be beneficial for anyone. 


I am currently in development.

Leave your mail to get a notification once I am available. 

BEENIUS is an Alchemist Hub project. The Alchemist Hub develops tools, methods, and projects that enable individuals, teams and organisations to solve challenges and take action for sustainability, well-being and better livelihoods.