Welcome to the world of Beenius!

Beenius is a new real-life crafting experience for everyone. Use our artefacts and transform them into objects, designs, ideas, prototypes, toys, games, artworks, stories. Realise your ideas in an instant. Gain new perspectives. Share your discoveries and help the planet thrive

Current development stage: Prototyping

The Beenius SeT

The Beenius Set is a powerful crafting and creating space in a box.
See what is inside.

Starts with Release of Beenius Sets


As there are so many options, you can easily use it for events of all kind. 

Here are some examples:

Current development stage: Concept

Beenius App

A space to share, connect, inspire and get inspired.

Current development stage: Concept


Now lets turn our skills and gifts into playful and useful learning journeys. Learning languages through play, designing furnitures, mapping out gardens,…. it can be endless. 

Release Alert

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BEENIUS is an Alchemist Hub project. The Alchemist Hub develops tools, methods, and projects that enable individuals, teams and organisations to solve challenges and take action for sustainability, well-being and better livelihoods.