Turn single use into infinite use.

And discover your World through play.

Launched at #Worldbeeday 2023. 



Dear Discoverer.
The World needs you.
Your ideas.
Your Creativity.
Your playfulness.

Put a seed for a kinder reality.
And turn beeswax candles into Beenius Infinity Wax.

With many possibilities to play (Swipe)

Start an Exciting Discovery Journey. And explore what you will find. 

Collect the magical Artefact

And connect it with more  artefacts that are about to arrive. Every artefact carries new possibilities.


Artefacts have a specific hashtag code for anyone who wants to share something about it.

Beenius Infinity Wax is #1BW.


And Tomorrow :

#2BW: Inspirations for a simple Playspace Setup with Beenius Infinity Wax and Sticks.

More infos:




#1BW Beenius Infinity Wax