Beenius World

The Construction Experience

What will you Craft with Beenius Infinity Wax?

Beenius is a grounbreaking new crafting experience for anyone in the world.

Connect Beenius Infinity Wax with Sticks of all kind. And integrate what you can find.

bring your imagination into reality. And connect the world through play!

See in this compilation how people turned Beenius into creations of all kinds.


Beenius is easy to pick up and start.
Yet challenging to master.

Every discovery you make opens pathways to new discoveries.

Beenius is a regenerative tool that you can use over and over again.

And level up your creations every time you play.

Start your Journey.

Chapter 1: 
Beenius Set #1 – Get yours today for 39€

Chapter 2: 
Beenius Journeys

Take your Beenius Set and transform it into an abundance of learnings.

Beenius Journeys will help to experience the essence of life
through a new experience of play and discovery.


Starting in Fall 2024

Beenius is great for: 


Beenius provides an intuitive platform for rapid prototyping of structures and buildings.

With Beenius Infinity Wax and bamboo sticks, architects can bring their ideas to life before taking the leap into digital modeling.


Whether it’s furniture, fashion, or graphic design, Beenius is a versatile tool for designers to sketch concepts and create prototypes.

It fosters the creative process and allows for a hands-on approach.

Children (of all ages)

For kids, Beenius is an endless adventure of imagination. It promotes fine motor skills, spatial thinking, and problem-solving abilities, all while being fun.
And experiences have shown that especially Kids in their Golden Ages are very skilled in Beenius as well


Beenius is a versatile educational tool that can be employed in various teaching contexts.

It encourages active learning and can be integrated into subjects like mathematics, art, or even social sciences.


For families, Beenius is a wonderful way to spend quality time creatively. It encourages teamwork and provides a playful learning environment for both children and adults alike.

Product Developers

Beenius can serve as a physical brainstorming tool that helps conceive new products and solutions. It enables quick iteration and adaptation, speeding up the development process.


Beenius is not just a tool but also a medium for art. Creatives can use it to create sculptures, installations, or even performative artworks.

Change Makers

Beenius is a tool for social change. It allows for individual and collective expression and fosters the development of solutions for local and global challenges.  It encourages collaboration and enables people to share their ideas and visions in a different way.

Companies and Organizations

For forward-thinking teams, Beenius offers an innovative platform for brainstorming and problem-solving. It fosters creative thinking and can be used as a team-building tool.

Sustainability Enthusiasts

Made from natural materials and always reusable, Beenius promotes a sustainable lifestyle. It’s a great tool for anyone who values and wants to protect nature.