Beenius Playspace

Can we change the world through play?


Psst…A legendary artefact has been found.

Beenius Infinity Wax. Special beeswax, invented by the most valuable being on the planet: The Bee!

A few explorers from different backgrounds have already made their first discoveries.

What happens when people start exploring and discovering just with the help of sticks and beeswax…and whatever was around?

Ideas. Toys. Designs. Architecture. Lamps. Art Pieces. Models. Boats. Domes. New ways to learn.

And great connections with humans and nature.


PlaySpaces are creative spaces for discovery. With every discovery PlaySpaces evolve. 

PlaySpace is creative commons. You are free to build your own. 


Season 1 evolves around building Playspaces, a better place for plants and bees, swarming, Cool learning tools for kids, Visions for the planet, Building things in reality and watch together our wins and discoveries from season 1.

Season 1 (Start March 2023):

“How might we…”

Help to make playspace happen. Contact, updates, messages, support: 

Designed by Denny Ehrlich