Welcome to Beenius


Beenius is a new real-life crafting experience for everyone.

Use simple artefacts and transform them into objects, designs, toys, games, artworks, stories and more.

Realise your ideas in an instant. Gain new skills, level up in life. Share your discoveries and help the planet thrive.

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Beenius Set

 A box of endless possibilities. Lightweight. Portable. Reusable. Improving almost any context.

A new learning experience that can become a game changer for millions of kids – and adults as well.

An open concept to support local economies. 

Let’s find out what’s inside.

Artefacts in the Set

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In addition to these artefacts, all sorts of items and objects can be integrated and experienced in a new way. Bottle caps, cords, magnets and whatever else you can think of or get your hands on. Treasure hunting for useful artifacts is an important part of Beenius.

Turn your artefacts into…

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Ways to play


Craft whatever comes to mind and get into the flow.


Bring ideas into reality and level up your imagination.


Enter portals into the various worlds of Beenius.

Beenius App

The space where ideas evolve.
And a nourishing community is shaped.

Challenges and Missions

Master challenges and missions and support other players in their journeys. 

Adapt and Evolve

Got inspired by a craft. Try to bring it to the next level. 

Artefact Inventory

Collect your real-life artefacts and see how others have used them in Beenius.


Keep track of your discoveries and see yourself evolving. Save missions and challenges to build your own journey. 


You want to build something in big? Bring a discovery into reality.


While the Beenius Set is your entry point, add-ons allow for advanced learning experiences through play. Add-ons work like smartphone apps. There are digital and physical ones.

Example: Craft a movie

In this journey you will experience how you turn your ideas into a story, a story into pictures and pictures into a stop-motion movie. Become the director of your own imagination.

Requirements: Beenius Set, smartphone.

This add-on is produced on stone paper with missions and instructions printed on front pages, while being blank on the backsides. Washable backsides can therefore be used to create storyboards, notes, drawings etc.

With this add-on you are not just gaining a fruitful learning experience, but also a reusable notepad.

A curation of Add-Ons

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Beenius Events

Join community events, host your own, include Beenius into your team experience or design and evolve spaces with the help of Beenius.

Beenius Session

No matter where, no matter what. The Beenius Set is ideal for connecting with new people, spending evenings together with friends and family and getting to know each other from new perspectives.


Workshops and meetings can be experienced in a new dimension with Beenius. Develop ideas and workshop landscapes in a simple and playful way.

Spaces of Exploration

With the help of Beenius, new places can be playfully created with simple materials. The Beenius Set can help to design items for your space or as modeling tool. No matter whether you want to equip a new room, design a garden, set up an eco camp or a learning space.

BEENIUS is an Alchemist Hub project. The Alchemist Hub develops tools, methods, and projects that enable individuals, teams and organisations to solve challenges and take action for sustainability, well-being and better livelihoods.