“How To” Beenius.World


With the Beenius World you can make entire worlds come to life.

As the required materials are already available everywhere, anyone can hop in.
From a kid in a Kenyan village to a grandma in Canada.

It seems to work for anyone.

In contrast to other games you are not following a certain set of rules.
Instead you are creating your own experience.

The growing collection of artefacts will help.


Every item that carries a #bw is called an artefact.

Every artefact carries new possibilities for play.

Some are #tools that you need to make or get from somewhere.
And some of them you might have already.

Some of them give you ideas how to set up and interact on your #playspace.

And others are different inspirations and methods to #play.

Every artefact comes with …


Something about it.
A story, background information, a description,…

Something we discover together. 
How different artefacts can be used or made for example.
How we different Playspaces can look like. 
How we discover useful things as play.

Hashtags to communicate about it.

Every artefact has at least one extension.
It could be tutorials, recipes, play ways and
different discoveries from the Beenius Community.


You succeeded a quest? collect your artefact by saving the artefact badge on your device
(long-tap or right click –> save image)



Hashtags # can be used to connect through specific artefacts through
Social Media (Instagram, TikTok) Messengers (Telegram, Discord, etc.) or forums.
Just use what you prefer using.

Use specific hashtags in your post, so others can find yours by searching for it.

Example 1
The quest of #BW1 is about aquiring the connector Beenius Infinity Wax.
Use #bw1 to share your way of making it.
Adding other hashtags may increase your reach.

Example 2
The quest of #BW7 is to build a dome. 
Now there are so many ways to build a dome. 
Thats why you can share yours with #bw7 and therefore we can share adaptable collectives of building good ideas for shelter. 

The Beenius.World is designed to easily take screenshots on the phone.


Last element of Beenius.World.
Informs about changes and new artefacts. 

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